Good Friday 2019

Mass Kit

My husband and I are grateful for our chaplain who avails himself for hours every day this week hearing confession, which made it possible for us to undertake our eleventh-hour confession. We made it despite the flash flood warning!
It was a stressful afternoon persuading our toddler to eat dinner and dress quickly. I drove like a maniac to reach the church by 7pm.
And it was our toddler’s longest mass/ service/ liturgy ever! She survived 2 hours and 10 minutes, thanks to this second-hand magnetic mass kit 😎
She was raring to go during Veneration of the Cross. I explained to her we are going up to kiss Jesus.

She thoughtfully replied, “because He has blood?

I replied in the affirmative.

She exclaimed, “I want to kiss Jesus!!!

When it was her turn, she hugged Jesus on the crucifix and kissed his bloodied knees.

After which she beamed and announced, “I kissed Jesus!

That moment made the entire day of rushing worth it 😊
She was also willing to walk and cross her arms over her chest during Holy Communion to receive a blessing.
Best of all, I received the grace of being able to stand and kneel throughout the sung Passion account, sung Solemn Intercessions, etc. Something I find hard to do throughout mass in my final trimester.
Not the most theologically insightful holy week, but definitely one to remember for the moments of God’s Amazing Grace!

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