Guardian angels and spiritual warfare | Fr Ripperger

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Do you know who Fr Ripperger is? If not, and you’re Catholic, you must be hiding under a rock or hanging out with lukewarm Catholics. Fr Ripperger is a Catholic exorcist who has many, many talks online regarding the spiritual life, more especially spiritual warfare.


Video on guardian angels and the role they have in our lives

Today, within 30 minutes, I have come to love my guardian angel more, to understand his purpose, to understand how to speak to him, and to understand what an immense gift he is to me as well as to my family.


levels of spiritual warfare

Probably six months again I would have been at a loss to explain anything about spiritual warfare besides “the devil lurks around temping us and causing chaos.” However, it’s so much more than that! Rather than try to explain it myself, I’ll let the…

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